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Full of mind control. Smart of them, hitler. Dumb of you, ...

So so stupid. Now I’m stupid too...just for a few sec till the endless parade of ads piercing through my eyes...over.


To many ads


DOES NOT DESERVE A STAR PERIOD NO STAR QUALITY HERE AT ALL What's the point of this app it is only an AD generator does not allow to sinc. The only good thing from this app is the fact that I was able to download another app that I was looking for that came across as an AD....... Don't waste your time unless you like ADS


It is HORRIBLE!!!!!!!

Was it actually doing something?

The best part of this app is that I didn't pay for it. It does not work.

More advertisements than I have ever seen

More advertisements than I have ever seen and the app doesn't even work. The ads pop up continuously without ever finding my Misfit which is on the wrist that is holding my iPad. Multiple ads in a row - not just one per find attempt. If there was less than one star this would get it.

Doesn't work

I'm in a bus with my shine somewhere on the floor. Misfit app syncs with the shine fine, this app doesn't find it at all, but serves up ads perfectly. This should be removed from the App Store.

Wish I could give it less stars

All this app does is generate adds. It finds nothing. Not a shine or even a Bluetooth. Don't waste the few seconds it takes to download.


Those thing is a very difficult to use

Shine & Flash

We can not find an app, Flash and Shine that will allow us to get info for both. My wife, Chris has a Shine and I just got a Flash. It list flash info but will not open shine. What gives? Help! Chris & Frank

Dont waste your time/ money on this

This app does not work. Period. I have my flash on my wrist and it still couldn't find it. Spent 1.99 just to see if it made a difference. Nope. Don't waste your money on this snake oil

Forget it

Unless there are some hidden directions that I haven't found, this app will not find your Shine but is able to generate ads at a very rapid pace. It probably thinks that we will forget what we were doing when we see all the ads.

Poor App

It won't find my shine even when it is right next to it. It floods your screen with ads every 10 seconds. Don't waste your time, it isn't worth free.

I'm confused

Is this app supposed to track my misfit or generate ads? It has never found my misfit but I saw 23 ads.

Can I give Zero Stats?


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This App Doesn't Even Work It Doesn't Do Anything What A Waste Of Time - Do Not Download There Is No Reason

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